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Business programs  

High level growth programs to accelerate market growth and business development, designed to  increase the capacity of businesses, increase sales, reduce cost and significantly improve profitability.

Ecom-vision news and new developments

This web-site is a new website launched to assist our clients to provide for the integration of the industry program support.

The programs now fully integrate individual, business and economic growth. This enables our clients to address global challenges in:-

  • Marketing

  • Business and 

  • Labor development

While it, at the same time,  unlocks opportunities for individual wealth creation and freedom.

The full integrate site will provide you with world leading programs and present unsurpassed growth that will strengthen your market position and competitive edge. 

Personal growth 

Personal programs for financial independence, freedom and quality living. These programs set world leading standards. It is for individuals who have decided they want to live successful  lives , decided they can make a difference. 

Individuals committed to global and universe directorship.

These programs unlock opportunities for individual to achieve personal freedom  in a global context. 

Economic and industry programs 

Ecom-vision advanced management methodologies integrate individual, business and economic development. Because of the advantages from this, the range and impact of our growth programs have  been extended  to address specific industry challenges to build global competitive industries.

The current programs cover from retail, building and construction, medical, tourism, arts, manufacturing including downstream steel expansion programs and  agriculture that are now being made available under Agri2000.

Public service support programs 

Throughout  the world public service and parastatals institutions employ from twenty up to thirty-five percent of the world wide labor force. Individuals in the public sector play a key role in all communities and in the provision of critical service to businesses. The development and support of this "industry" sector is not only important in future business growth  and  economic development but it also presents major business opportunities.  

The Ecom-vision programs are aimed at assisting public institutions to maximize income and service delivery.  

Ecom-vision's new business development programs 

Some of the most exiting new business opportunities are now supported by Ecom-vision both as:-

  • Opportunities for existing businesses to expand their own businesses and

  • Opportunities for individuals under the MD 2000 programs


These opportunities offer viable business growth for high income and profitability, as well as, capital* formation growth. *(Net business value) . 

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Our associate company in South Africa 

Agri2000 provides a board range of development programs to both the agriculture and non-agricultural sectors and will in future provide the full range of Ecom-vision programs in South Africa.

The previous web-services of Agri 2000 are now imbedded in Ecom-vision and will be incorporated in full without any loss of service to all our customers.



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