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Investors growth

The programs are structured to meet investors? requirements

These are fully integrated business and economic development programs, which offers investors specific investment opportunities structured to meet investor?s requirements.

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  • Investors

  • Agricultural associations

  • Related industry and suppliers

  • Farmers and

  • Developing farmers

The programs aim to accelerate the agricultural growth to achieve primarily three objectives:-

  • To play a key role in renewable resources and medical crop production

  • To provide affordable access to food as a base for the development of Africa and

  • To provide a non political and free international investment environment for agriculture

Agriculture the best future

High-value long-term investment opportunities that offer investors;-

  • Leading future technology in areas such as renewable resources
  • Food processing
  • High quality and nutritious products ideal for the processing of medical and medicinal crop production
  • Backed by integrity
  • Highly skilled management and
  • strong industry support systems


The Ecom-vision agricultural programs are specifically aimed at the agricultural industry within Southern Africa. The Southern Africa agriculture offers some of the best investment opportunities.

It is one of the most diverse agricultural sectors in the world. With a broad spectrum of skills, covering all aspects of agriculture from research, farming, production, marketing and value adding activities such as processing of agricultural produce.

The region boasts with one of the best infrastructures globally, this makes the establishing and marketing of agricultural programs from Southern Africa very competitive.

In addition, the industry has become a key driver in the development of the total agricultural base of Africa.

The region from Sub-Saharan Africa including Southern African offers in addition to agricultural opportunities one of the biggest natural resource areas in the world. Because of inherited political difficulties agriculture is in the ideal position to play a leading role in the future development of Africa and to give investors access to strategic minerals.

This offers investors excellent long-term options.


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Farming a new future

The Ecom-vision agricultural programs incorporate the original Agri 2000 programs. These programs provide a total integrated industry development framework to ensure profitable production from productivity, input cost, labour management, security and marketing.

The programs under Agri 2000 provide specific advantages to:-

  • Farmers from input, production, processing, marketing and labor management including security

  • Industry for adding high value to agricultural produce

  • Related industries such as food processing and

  • Suppliers


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