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Industry programs

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Add new drivers to grow your business

Current programs covers the following industries:-

  • Agriculture (see agriculture)

  • Steel industry

  • Health-care services

  • Tourism

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

Specialized programs on industry level to grow your business

The Ecom-vision programs focus on integrated economic and business development. The primary programs provide specific services and advantages to individual businesses. However, within a global competitive environment individual businesses often experience certain limitations that hold back competitiveness.

Ecom-vision has started to initiate in a number of industries specific business developments that collectively provide to individual businesses advantages which cannot be achieved by individual companies.

These programs provide substantial benefits to businesses to grow their own customer base and income. 

Parallel with this the programs improve the value added by the individual businesses that directly improves their competitiveness and long-term profitability.

Companies that participate in these programs are assured of long-term competitiveness without compromise of individual autonomy or trade advantages.

The underlying concepts applied in the programs are not unique or new. Industries have long recognized the need for collective negotiations concerning certain aspects such as the development of infrastructure.

The Ecom-vision programs strengthen these processes through new developments and marketing models to improve and maximize the overall value delivered by individual firms. We focus on the collective development of certain specific functions, the most basic of these the development of downstream opportunities.



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The programs are aimed at companies that recognize the need for downstream economic development activities to grow their own business base.

The Ecom-vision programs cover a total range of aspects and factors identified to strengthen and support individual companies in future, such as technology, wealth creating activities and many more.





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