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Personal Programs

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A time to live your dreams 

What ever your dream and goals are, whether it is to:-

  • Increase your salary and protect your job

* Start your own business and build wealth

* Be healthy and live a quality life

* Succeed as a young person, Students power for a successful life


* What and for who?

* How do you benefit?

* What is different?

* How to register





With every improvement new opportunities opened up

The Ecom-vision programs give you the tools to not only manage this process but to benefit from it.

The question is where are you standing. Are you in control of your life?



A commitment to global directorship 

These are wealth creating programs that put you in charge. The programs are:-

  • Easy

  • Use your existing skills and

  • current job

The programs unlock opportunities, opportunities that:-

  • Sets you free

  • Create wealth and

Increase your salary, protect your job, allow you to build your business, programs that;- 

  • allow you to succeed, 

  • to be financially independent and 

  • to live a quality life

What is different?

The programs empower you to play a leading role in the future economy and to be personally successful.

Ecom-vision introduces a new level of thinking and skills, through the integration of personal and economic development, because this allows you to truly benefit:-

  • From what you do, 

  • New developments and 

  • to turn negative factors into benefits





New thinking

Be future directed

It is world leading programs that give you access to new thinking, a new level of skills that enrich your life and give you time to be free.

  • Unlock opportunities

  • Make your ideas work for you

Our programs are

  • Freedom programs that

  • Ensure long-term financial independence and quality living

It is programs that set you free and

  • assist you to live your dreams, whether it is a personal dream or a dream that you have for your family.

The Ecom-vision programs are not motivational or " how to run your life" programs.

The programs are development programs that do a specific job

For example, if you want to increase your salary the program does that. 

Or if you want more time the program will give you more time.


As you know; - globalization and technology play, every day, a bigger and bigger role in your life.

But very few people know how to benefit from these changes, how to use these changes and how to manage and survive in these changes, the result is:-

  • Our lives have become hectic

  • We are running and are totally exhausted

  • We have lost control

  • We feel insecure

Every change in life has both a positive and a negative side. Ecom-vision gives you the tools and programs to manage this plus to benefit from these changes.

This is important. it is the reason the programs is so powerful, because it does not just turn the negative factors around into positive factors but it empowers you to benefit form change.

That is what makes the difference between success and failure, between being rich and poor, between running or to be in control. The diagram on the left illustrates this. 


Building Growth for the Future


Set a new standard for yourself

Develop economic leverage

and achieve economic freedom

A high quality life:- How you manage change will in future make the difference between rich and poor, between a high-quality life and just being out there.

These programs give you the skills to unlock, create and manage opportunities. That is what makes the difference.

To do this requires more than just development it requires a commitment to your goals and your work, your community, your country and earth. A commitment to act responsible and to care, a global commitment. Not just to direct your own life but to be a global director to assist and help other people to achieve their aspirations, a true global directorship. 

The power of this will more than double your own strength and the benefits you will unlock will exceed your dreams.

For more information

Registration of founders and co-directors  

You can now register by 

1) Direct deposit         (You consultant will provide you the details)  

2) Electronic payment (You consultant will provide you the details)  


3) Credit card  or your  Budget account with up to 36 months at a cost of less than R200 per month

Through the Setcom secure payment system


Note:- on Set com you open a secure account, all information is confidential and will not be handed to any third party.

Act  today and 

Unlock your future immediately  with your

MD 2000 programme option

 MD 2000

MD 2000



Capital levels

R 650,000.00

R 1,250,000.00

Un limited

Min Co-directors








MD 2000 Founder Programme  (Inclusive VAT)

R 4,850.00

R 5,700.00

R 6,740.00

Register with  credit card


MD 2000 co-director  (Inclusive VAT)

R 3,850.00

R 4,700.00

R 5.740.00

Register with  credit card





                        SD 2000

 the most powerful economic development programme

 >Unlock the South African Economy and build a world of opportunities for yourself 

SD 2000  

SD 2000

SD 2000 Platinum

SD 2000 Gold

(Inclusive VAT) R 4,350.00 R 5,400.00 R 7,300.00
Register with  credit card




Set a new standard of economic freedom and live your dreams

Check with your consultant for sponsorship or phone 073 386 2910


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